Providing the Foundation for Successful Meetings



Successful meetings start with a solid foundation, which includes the right destination, the right hotel or convention center and a fair contract.  By outsourcing the site selection research, busy meeting planners and administrators rely on Corrigan Associates to provide the information they need to make the best possible decisions regarding their conventions and conferences.  Associations and Corporations rely on us to provide meeting site research, negotiations and contract review services, giving them more time to manage their events!  


What could you accomplish if you had more time?  Find out by calling us to help develop your request for proposal, search for the best destination/ hotel/ conference facility for your meeting, provide a comparison spreadsheet to help you make well informed decisions, negotiate rates and terms on your behalf, set up site inspections and review your contract. You will save time and still be in complete control of the entire process. 


Each organization and each meeting has unique needs, goals and challenges, that need different and unique solutions.  Count on us no matter where in the world you need to place your next conference.  While most searches are within domestic destinations, we have helped with meetings in Singapore, Beijing, Sydney, Canada, Europe, Istanbul, Mexico and the Caribbean.  


We will provide the foundation, supported by a number of highly talented contractors and strong relationships with industry professionals, that allows you to create a successful meeting. 


Corrigan Associates is a small company, and will stay that way, to provide highly personalized service and advice backed by experience and integrity.  Are you being served as well as you think you should be?


What if you had more time to spend on other aspects

of your meeting without giving up any control?  



What if it costs you nothing?



Are you confident that you have the right information to make good decisions?



How much time do you lose because you don't have all the information you need?